Meaning of cross and star in our emblem

Quality gastronomy

Gastronomy in Relief Restaurant is a real experience for you. We focus on traditional Czech dishes. Our goal is satisfied guest, because he will be happy to come back. Choosing the right and fresh ingredients is key to us. We look for meat in top quality. We buy only from proven butchers.

You can find both cold appetizers for beer as well as full-fledged meals. For our restaurant we just want real quality and for drinks aswell. You will be pleased with the selection of our first class wines from Moravia.

Meaning of cross and star in our emblem

The Relief restaurant is located in the area of the monastery of The Crusaders with the Red Star knighthood order. The order was founded by Anežka Přemyslovna (later St. Anezka the Czech), the royal daughter, as the only entirely Czech order and the only one in the world founded by a woman.

They didn’t pursue only hospitality (medical care of the ill, poor and over aged people), but the maintenance of Judith Bridge and later its much more famous successor, Charles Bridge.

Judith Bridge was swept away by flood in February 1342 and was replaced by a stone bridge established by Charles IV. The rest of Judith Bridge can be seen at the area of the building. The original wooden hospital with the entire monastery was reduced to ashes on the day of Charles IV’s, The Father of Nation, death.

The centre of crusaders area by Charles Bridge is the baroque church of St. Francis of Assisi, which is part of the crusaders route. It was built at the end of 17th century on the place of its older medieval predecessor of which remains are located in the underground under the current church. There are some crypts and tombstones of the leading figures of the order in the underground church and you can take a look inside thanks to a small barred aperture in the floor of the upper church.

Besides other things, there is the second oldest organ in Prague (the year of 1701) in the current church. The stone private room inside our restaurant is located just below the organ and the church altar.

At the time of the Nazi occupation the building of the area were seized for the protectorate offices and the Gestapo needs. In the year of 1950 the communism system seized the area and moved in a part of the Ministry of the Interior. The order suffered very badly from persecution, when the ranks of members ended up in prisons and forced labour camp in the uranium mines.

In the November of 1989 Anežka Česká was pronounced a saint. Only a week later after her canonization the Velvet Revolution burst out in the Czechoslovakia. People speak about this political coup as about a new Saint Anezka’s miracle.